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 3345 Music - Wake Up w/ Ralf GUM Remix and free download

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3345 Music

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PostSubject: 3345 Music - Wake Up w/ Ralf GUM Remix and free download   August 5th 2009, 9:14 pm

Wake Up - to this sound!

Racing up the Traxsource top sellers chart and Gathering Support worldwide from Craig Stewart - Raunchy Rhytmss Radio, Bruce at TagArt Music, Houseman at Virgo Lounge, Demarkus Lewis and

Franco Martinelli - "The Ralf Gum remix is awesome !!! Soulful with an infectious smooth funky vibe.
Moodswinger provides the perfect mix for late night lounge sets.
Great package ! - charted number 13

and Marc Lacasse:
Moodswinger's Summer Revival/ Moodswinger's Down Dub
JP sure knows how to belt out the notes, deep and dark funk surrounds each sound for this downtempo burner.the dub has a more sporadic beat structure that is hard to replicate and is enjoyable on repeat or once before bed

Classic House Mix
Sweet straight up deep bass and soulful melodies makes for a fantastic jem

Ralf GUM Instrumental/ Ralf GUM Remix
Love the flute, reminds me of classic house tunes from the 90's and the simplicity of them and how much they influenced my choice in music!

Featured at [url] http://www.traxsource.com/3345_music [/url][/b]

Register at www.3345music.com/contact.html for a free MP3 of the Classic House Mix.

Check us out at:
get gear at http://www.cafepress.com/3345music
and follows us on http://twitter.com/3345Music

3345 Music presents star vocalist Jennifer Perryman http://www.jenniferperryman.com stepping out on her own with an amazing remix from Ralf GUM http://www.gogo-music.net! Simply soulful is Jennifer's powerful blend of seriousness and whimsy, embracing modern musical elements while paying homage to the nostalgic. Ralf's distinctive groove and his passion for all things soulful shines through and creates a simply irresistible aura. Jennifer’s beautiful and soaring vocals and Ralf’s pristine production create a simply amazing song. Working together 3345 Music, Ralf and Jennifer bring you something sure to prove, groove and move you.

Not to be outdone Moodswinger http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moodswinger/131073735509 makes an immediate impact with broken-lounge-jazz vocal and dub remixes calling to mind Kyoto Jazz Massive and Nu Spirit Helsinki. Be on the lookout as Moodswinger is about to break out as a producer of uncompromising quality and an unmistakable sound! ThreeC http://www.myspace.com/threecmusic rounds out the offerings with a Classic House Mix and check the Original Version for a downtempo r'n'b jazz vibe.

3345 Music Releases Available at :
and iTunes

Also check out 3345 Music house mixsets - John Vella – Deep and Jazzy Summer [url] http://www.divshare.com/download/7674454-608 [/url] for more 3345 Music

Coming Soon:
Intensity of Sound feat. Kim Bennett - Deeper Meaning - Marcel and Kay return with another luscious song with a surprise remix.
Face feat. Jennifer Perryman - Funky Little Dots
Moodswinger - Remixes EP
Gregory Del Piero - TBA
Intensity of Sound - Lounge Affairs
Triple Threat - Gone But Not Forgotten EP

3345 Music – house and downtempo – an international collective of the finest groove-inspired artists!

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3345 Music - Wake Up w/ Ralf GUM Remix and free download
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