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 Out Now_Topo - Off Limits

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PostSubject: Out Now_Topo - Off Limits   Out Now_Topo - Off Limits I_icon_minitimeNovember 22nd 2011, 2:59 pm


Out Now_Topo - Off Limits Uvm027300dpi

Off Limits is a solid tech-house track with a rolling bassline which fills any floor from Tokyo to San Francisco. Invisible target is a shuffled monster track which builds up perfectly to hold the crowd. Both tracks are spiced up with short triggered vocal samples and catchy synth hooks without any cheesy minor points. Topo machined the essence of good dance music.

DJ Reactions:

Markus Scxhulz - I will put it in my box
Sasha Le Monnier - Nice pounding sounds in Invisible Thoughts
D-Formation - Will try!
DP-6 - Off Limits is for me. Will try
Ingo Vogelmann - Great tune
Andrey Seaman (Andrey Labuzov) - Good work!
Dirty Rhythm Syndicate - Loving both of these little beauties!!!! full support.
Lucas Rosso - Very nice!
Matthew Nagle - Really good production. Enjoing it all!!!
Gare Mat K - interesting. will try
Dj Taj - Off Limits bumpin deep tune! diggin it
- Invisible Target wicked tech tune thats got the groove. very nice!
HUSS - Both tracks are good but off limits is favorite. The bassline is crisp and solid along with a very good energy level. The elements are sparky and get attention right away. Overall structure is spaced well. Could use stronger build ups. All and all, very good work that does show high skill.
Dj Adamus - great
Brain Trick (Vladimir Pometeev) - Good Job...Wondeful Sound!
Aaron Lee - Bangin\'! Nice!
Jordan Vesteyo - schlammin\'
DJ Nojz - Off limits good job
Hernan Serrao - Off Limits has the perect convination to let know to the corwn that from now on i will make them jump like crazy
Josh Abrams - Both are cool groovers. Thanks!
VIESSE - INVISIBLE TARGET has a nice flow Smile
2Dirty - I will support it
Sander Kleinenberg - I will put it in my box
zoomtronic - nice EP will play this two tracks next gig
BjornBurns - Loving the driving basslines! Great feel to the tune.
GEZIBO - off limits it's a banger!
Ben Walthew - will be getting my support on both tracks, more so "Invisible Target" - the of kilter style really gets me going
cristian carpentieri - off limits is for me... good track
Josh Abrams - Off Limits is very good. Thanks!
Gare Mat K - nice tracks. will try
Hardmix - I love the tech house vibe here.
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Out Now_Topo - Off Limits
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