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 Is this the end???

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PostSubject: Is this the end???   May 25th 2014, 1:12 pm

Where did all the good music go?
Where are those pioneers of the digital deejay era who once frequented this forum?
Once upon a time i visited digitaleargasm.blogspot.com and found a small community of music-loving public performers who would share music and feedback from the dancefloor. (not forgetting the cool pictures that would make it onto our desktops!)

Returning to this now inactive forum is like standing on an abandoned railway platform. No trains are coming and no people waiting. Just the remnants of what was once a busy station on the world wide web.

So I guess farewell to all ye digital commuters who have gone separate ways. The torrents may still offer what we came looking for in the first place, but like so much of todays' music industry digital produce it lacks the heart and soul of a community.

Thank you for the music that is part of life's soundtrack.
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Is this the end???
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