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 USB Turntables

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PostSubject: USB Turntables   July 8th 2007, 6:10 pm

Simple opener for a discussion, what's the best to go with as far as quality against price?
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PostSubject: Re: USB Turntables   September 18th 2007, 4:00 am

Just went thur the entire TT USB research and purchase deal. At this time there are 3-4 choices. Forget the Numark, its belt drive. Came down to Audio Tech and Stanton T-90 USB...both similar, direct drive and cost about $300. I bought the Stanton because it had Cakewalk software for sound improvement (later learned its CD was for PC only and I have a Mac Pro Book like most DJ'S) and you could burn to WAV, MP3 & most other formats. AT was MP3 ONLY...I wanted to convert my wax to the highest format. Because the Stanton was so new (3 mon. ago) they had terrible Tech Sup and I had to download a program by Audacity with no Tech Sup. I also have a low hum in the background of my converted tracks, I have tried everything to lose it, to no avail. Check into Audio Tech's USB TT...Stanton did NOT do thier homework and released the T-90 to early. Guitar Center can get both, but ask a lot of questions, research on line....and get ready to spend large blocks of time converting and doing data entry....only go with records u gotta have. There will be a sound qualitiy difference and gain, especially if your downloading WAV files w/new music. If you have other questions, let me know. DJG3
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PostSubject: Re: USB Turntables   October 10th 2007, 2:04 pm

How does the quality from these USB turntables compare with recording out of a headphone socket / aux out on a traditional record player?

Just wondering as I've tried the latter to mixed results!

Does anyone have tips on how to get the best sound quality when recording out of a normal record player?
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PostSubject: Re: USB Turntables   

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USB Turntables
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