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 So this is Christmas !

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PostSubject: So this is Christmas !   December 10th 2007, 9:13 am

Well in the words of Mr. Lennon ďSo this is ChristmasĒ mmm. Well donít worry guys Iím not gonna get all religious on you but I canít remember reading in the Bible that when little baby Jesus was born one of the wise men stepped forwards and proclaimed ďFrom this day onwards each year at this time we should celebrate this moment by going out and pissing off Djís while they are trying to earn a livingĒ.

Yes folks as you might be already aware itís started. The time when middle aged men & women who normally wouldnít even think about going round town on a weekend night suddenly get pissed and talk to you like shit.

Example here is little me playing Yatesís in Leeds on Saturday night with around 600 in most of them trying to get onto the dance floor. Playing commercial dance & RnB when a nice lady in her late 40ís comes up and asks for some Rock Ďní Roll. I being a gentleman brought up with manners replied ďIím sorry we donít play rock n roll here.Ē Here is how the conversation continued.

What do you mean we donít play rock n roll here

I mean that genre of music is not on this venueís playlist

Donít try and get cleaver with me

I assure you Iím not Iím just trying to explain that rock n roll is not played here

You mean you donít have any

Yes I do but I will not be playing it tonight


Mmm because I have to follow certain rules and one of them is not to play rock n roll

Youíre making that up

Well a little but Iím only to play what Iím playing at the moment

What you mean all this rave shit to people off their heads on drugs

No love I used to do that but Happy Hardcore is not as popular as it used to be

What ?

Iím saying this music isnít really rave and I wouldnít say everyone is chemically enhanced

So you wonít do as the customer asks ?

On this occasion no and please donít now say the customer is always right

I pay your wages

Iím not even going to reply to that statement

So what sort of pub is this that wonít play some rock n roll?

Err a city centre one

Thatís not very Christmassy is it?

We donít even play rock n roll at Easter either.

You should play music for everyone including people of my age

Why how old are you if you donít mind me asking


Well Iím 40 next year and I kinda like the stuff Iím playing so does the majority of the people here

Yes but I bet if you played some rock n roll everyone would love it

But I may also get glassed, spat at, humiliated and probably sacked

And here came the classicÖ.ĒwhateverĒ

Now I can hear you screaming at you pc monitor you should have told her to fu*k off but hey it is Christmas a time of good will to all men and/or women.

Just wanted to let all our new to djíing guys and girls if this is your first Christmas in the game then be prepared itís a jungle out there. Just think of the money you are earning and that this time next month it will be all over and we will have Valentines night to look forward to.

Good luck everyone and Merry Xmas.

P.s If you are reading this Santa I want a Dac3 controller please. santa
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PostSubject: Re: So this is Christmas !   December 10th 2007, 11:03 am

nice 2 see u back on here m8.seems lifes still treating you good.lucky bugger,i would give my left leg to be able to play some rock and roll and get away with it in yates`.(not)
i played the number two single in the uk charts at yates`.a song called heartbroken.every man woman and dog had been asking for it all night...so i gave in and played it.
the next week i am not doing yates no more.
coincidence?yeah right.

happy christmas to you too.

grumpy old men.we`d show em eh?
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PostSubject: Re: So this is Christmas !   December 11th 2007, 6:37 am

Don't get me started on that heartbroken crap.

I played that 6 months ago and everybody looked at me like I was playing Now That's What I Call Bollocks Vol 2. But then when its on the radio and music tv everybody likes it.

I say to the public STOP ACTING LIKE SHEEP !!

If you didn't like the song 6 months ago why like it now !

And another thing why do these twats come up to a Dj playing in a Club or city centre pub and ask...

"Err have you got that T2 tune ?"

No I though cos its in the top 10 and so fu*king popular I thought I wouldn't bother getting it.

Like you go into a card shop and ask "Have you got any xmas cards"?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another thing while I'm ranting on.

Why do women in their mature years try and act all young and trendy by asking for something which they have no clue about.


"Oi play that Bob Sinclair track"

"which one"?

"You know the first one"

"oh you mean A Space Funk Project" ?


"That was his first track back in 1996"


"let me guess the one that samples C&c Project"


"the one that goes... Everybody Dance Now"

"Yes that one"



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need i go on !
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PostSubject: Re: So this is Christmas !   

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So this is Christmas !
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