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 You couldn't make it up

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PostSubject: You couldn't make it up   January 28th 2008, 8:46 am

Aren't customers the funniest things. The things they say and do just sometimes makes me wonder how they manage to get through the day.

What's the most obscure or stupidest thing you've heard or seen ?

The reason for me asking is I just hope it's not just me.

On Saturday night this guy came up and asked me if he could use my mic. After asking him why he said he wanted to m.c. I explained that this wasn't the venue for m.c'ing and that I was sure the manager wouldn't be best pleased.

He then asked if I had a hairbrush. When I asked why he said...

"So I can pretend I'm m.c'ing "

I laughed so much I nearly fucked my next mix up.

So can you beat that ?
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You couldn't make it up
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